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  • Caitlin Hogan

Biscuits and Blooms

Top anything with edible flowers and you’re sure to grab your guests' attention!

Located within half an hour of the Scenic Rim, Brisbane is lucky to have some fantastic produce close by. The region expands from Tamborine Mountain to Canungra and beyond, covering 4000 square kilometres of rich agricultural land.

Since receiving a batch of freshly harvested edible flowers from Pretty Produce in a Scenic Rim Farm Box delivery the intrigue set in, and I couldn't help but wonder what other recipes these delightfully vivid gems could be incorporated into. Being a sweet tooth, of course shortbread was the first thing that sprang to mind!

To make this work, all you need here is a basic shortbread recipe, cookie cutters and a punnet of fresh, edible flowers. A quick tip is to prebake your shortbread biscuits for a few minutes before placing flowers on each and sliding back into the oven until the biscuit becomes just golden. The less time the flowers spend in the oven, the more vibrant your biscuits will be, plus the heat will help the flowers to stick (#themoreyouknow).

You may have to fork out for edible flowers but store them correctly in an airtight container in your fridge and they will last for weeks! If you're ready to baking your blooming biscuits, head over to Pretty Produce where you can browse their selection of award-winning petal, seasonal and dried flower mixes.



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