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  • Erin Payne

Don’t Miss a Second of Your Favourite TV Series. Order in with Uber Eats

Don’t Miss a Second of Your Favourite TV Series. Order in with Uber Eats

Binging on your latest TV series has just become that little bit easier – not that you need any extra help! If you don't want to skip one second of GOT, OITNB or Black Mirror, consider Uber Eats to keep you up to date with the latest episode without having to hit pause on your remote.

For the new kids in the back, here's how Uber Eats works. The innovative service allows you to get meals from restaurants all around you delivered direct to your door. It's simple - just open the app, plug in your address, pick a dining option in your area and a few of your favourite dishes then watch it come to you. You can even track your driver! If you often deliver to the same place and have a favourite payment method, after the first submission, you can save it for later. It couldn't get much easier!

With the likes of Netflix and Stan offering an endless library of TV series, we decided not to leave the house and instead make a quick pick from Uber Eat’s list. We settled on the indulgent Corbett and Claude.

Corbett and Claude is a growing group of restaurants in Brisbane and Sydney, with drool-worthy modern Australian dishes sure to please any palate. Our order comprised of the Consultant pizza with layers of mozzarella, thinly sliced potato, prosciutto, and rosemary, paired with some Bolognese gnocchi and sweet potato fries.

If you’re looking for some great food that lets you catch up on the latest episode of your favourite series, look no further than Uber Eats. Don’t have the app yet? Stop missing the best scenes of your show! Get it on your phone and get ordering from the comfort of the best seat in the house - your couch - today.

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