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  • Caitlin Hogan

Authentic Japanese Ramen Adapted to the Western Palate

In the last two or three years, Brisbane’s Ramen game has stepped up to a new level with a number of specialty ramen eateries opening their doors. Shinobi Ramen is the latest – but here’s where the difference lies.

Heading the kitchen is son of Japanese ramen chef, Hideki Futemma. Back home in Japan, Hideki instructs ramen classes at Shoku No Dojo (Tokyo Ramen Academy). After business duo, Joe and Wisam met up with this renowned ramen chef in his homeland it was decided Hideki would help the two develop a menu featuring age-old traditions, keeping the Western palate in mind.

Attention to detail is everything in this operation, down to the imported Japanese crockery used to serve the ramen in. The curvature of the bowls ensures the broth and noodles remain piping hot, while the toppings sit perfectly afloat - before your chopsticks make contact. Joe also stressed that only the highest-grade flour and purified water are used to make the components of their ramen.

Arriving at buzzing Westfield Carindale, we made our way to Shinobi Ramen (using the centre directory to navigate our way there. We don’t get to this side of the city often). Here we met Joe, one half of the passionate business duo and chatted over a Japanese feast.

We started off lightly with a number of small share plates and side dishes; the karaage chicken and mushroom salad were both clear favourites. Up next, was the main affair, a selection of Shinobi’s ramen offerings. The piping hot original and black garlic tonkotsu and the vegetarian ramen bowls were delivered to our table. Now, Joe told us that a bowl of ramen should typically be eaten within fifteen minutes. The reason being that the noodles tend to continue swelling, soaking up the delicious slow cooked broth. Quick eating isn’t in my vocabulary, especially where food photography is involved, though this didn’t stop us from scoffing down the ramen once the photo-shoot was over. It was hands down one of Brisbane’s best, my personal favourite being the black garlic tonkotsu ramen that sells for just $13.90.

“To create the most authentic Tonkotsu Ramen franchise experience outside of the homeland of Japan”, this is the mission statement of Shinobi Ramen and boy have Joe and Wisam achieved this. Joe left us with an announcement that there would be an all-new ramen addition to the menu over Summer which has us very excited.

Thanks to the team at Shinobi for creating an authentic ramen experience. We can’t wait for what’s in the pipeline.

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