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  • Caitlin Hogan

The Ultimate Hangover Cure is Here!

Curled up on the couch in the foetal position, feeling sorry for yourself after a big night, not even a Berocca could perk you up. A greasy burger and fries on the other hand would certainly do the trick, but the thought of moving just killed that idea. Then you remember UberEATS exists. You reach for your phone, launch the UberEATS app and scroll through the endless list of eateries that could help to cure that pesky hangover.

We’ve all been in this position, including myself recently. With a real hankering for fried chicken I scrolled through UberEATS until my eyes lit up at the sight of Brisbane’s Lucky Egg. In July of this year, Lucky Egg opened their second location in West End (a few suburbs closer to me and now within UberEATS delivery range to my house!). It had been on my radar for some time, and finally it was in close reach thanks to UberEATS. With the new venue, comes a new menu. Of course, the classics like Dorito popcorn chicken and buttermilk chicken still remain on the menu but now you’ll find a wider variety of meals, including the rice bowl range. A handful of vegetarian eats have also been added to the menu, these include miso grilled corn and kimchi cheese spring rolls.

This time around, there was no room for experimentation. We went straight to what Lucky Egg does best: buttermilk chicken, chicken wings, Dorito popcorn chicken and their buffalo crispy burger. By the time we’d ordered, chosen a new series on Netflix and caught up on our socials, the UberEATS app buzzed to notify that our hangover cure had arrived. And just like that, we were tucking into a feast of Lucky Egg’s fried chicken and the hangover, well that seemingly disappeared.

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