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  • Caitlin Hogan

UberEATS Introduces Picnicking that Requires no Effort

It’s Saturday 11am, my stomach says lunch out and about but the thought of putting on clothes less comfortable than the current active wear I’m lounging in seems unlikely. In an attempt to reach the best of both worlds as well as getting out of the house to escape the weekend lounge guilt, the brilliant idea of UberEATS ordered to the park for what was easily the best decision of my weekend popped into my head. There were only two decisions to make; the first was easy, our location of a picnic rug on the riverbank of Orleigh Park set the scene for the perfect lunch with a view. The second was by far more difficult; which restaurant to order food from. Being spoilt for choice with all the inner city offerings being located in West End, it was a good 20 mins from once the picnic rug was laid until our restaurant of choice was selected.

Our decision; the ever-popular Chop Chop Chang’s. Once our selection of food was made, two simple clicks were all that was left for our order to be accepted and cooking to begin. The simplicity of the app with our saved details meant there was no reach for our wallets, actually I’m pretty sure I had even left my handbag at home. Our order was expected to be in our hands within 20 mins. A mix of signature Pan Asian dishes, including yakitori, kingfish spring rolls and beautifully cooked pork belly had our mouths salivating whilst we tracked the progress of our order. One of the most beautiful sounds to a millennial’s heart is the ‘ding’ of the UberEATS notification letting you know your order has been picked up and is now on it’s way. We watched our delivery driver like a hawk, as he navigated his way through the backstreets of West End on his moped.

As he turned his final corner we were awaiting on the side of the street just above our picnic location grinning from ear to ear. Still piping hot out of the oven, a quick a thank you to our UberEATS delivery driver and we were indulging in some of the most delicious Asian street foods sitting alongside the iconic Brisbane river. UberEATS gives you the ability to have your cake (restaurant food) and eat it too, (literally wherever you’d like!).

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