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  • Erin Payne

Rest Easy with UberEats

We live in a world of convenience and what a world it is! You can shop at your favourite stores from your desk chair, watch the latest movies in bed and order just about any meal at the touch of a finger - the digital age has certainly treated us well. And UberEats is one of the many things we at Foodramblings thank modern technology for!

If you haven’t tried it yet, UberEats is an innovative service that allows you to get meals from thousands of restaurants delivered straight to your door. It couldn’t get much easier - simply open the app, plug in your address, pick a restaurant near you and pick some dishes then watch it come to you. You can even track your driver! If you often deliver to the same place (like your home) and have a favourite payment method, after the first submission, you can save it for later. Easy as pie!

This past weekend, we took the day of rest a little more literally and ordered lunch from UberEats! Our spread included a mix of burgers, pizzas and pasta from Pitch & Fork, Toowong and Saint Lucy's Cafe and Cucina, Saint Lucia.

Pitch & Fork is a quaint cafe in Toowong offering up a delicious lunch menu including mouth-watering burgers and creamy pastas, while Lucy’s Cafe and Cucina is classic Italian at its best. We enjoyed a food coma inducing feast with the mix of great options in our order and did it without the need to fight over who has to clean at the end of it all! The perfect way to settle into a lazy Sunday siesta.

UberEats is a great option for enjoying local food without the need to cook or even leave home. So, if you’re looking for great food delivered directly to you, look no further than UberEats. If you’re yet to get the app on your phone, pause your Netflix, shut the laptop and get ordering, so you can enjoy your lazy weekend some more.

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