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  • Caitlin Hogan

Introduction to Steam with Miele

Located in Eagle Farm, the Miele Experience Centre offers a number of complimentary cooking demonstrations for those who are ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over which appliance to purchase and for those people like us, who are simply interested in seeing the appliances in action.

The Introduction to Steam demonstration class is based on the Miele Steam Oven range. Steam has been used in cooking for centuries, initially introduced through Chinese cuisine and is known as one of the healthiest methods of cooking. In fact steam-cooked vegetables retain 50% more vitamins and minerals in comparison to when they’re boiled.

To begin the class our cooking demonstrator how truly quick and easy it is to steam vegetables by creating a Winter greens and gorgonzola salad with mint dressing which was made up of perfectly steamed string beans and quartered Brussels sprouts. An auto program on the Steam Oven was selected and the prompts were followed in order to achieve al dente steamed greens. In fact, the appliances offer a number of auto programs, which give precise instructions to cook a variety of ingredients to absolute perfection. This brings us to the next course of slow-cooked duck leg with white beans and chorizo.

Using the Steam Combination appliance the slow-cooked duck was pre-cooked before we arrived and reheated using the Steam Oven. This result was just as it would have been if served fresh. Because this range of appliances is designed to heat food by using steam, the produce is rehydrated rather than dehydrated. We finished up with an upside down pear cake served with vanilla ice cream.

My number one question when taking part in the cooking demonstration was of course, what does the cleaning process involve? Because we all know cleaning up is the most unenjoyable part of cooking. The ovens deliver auto alerts when cleaning is required - this won me over instantly! This involves popping a descaling tablet into the water container, selecting the descale mode in the auto-programme and letting the appliance to do the rest of the dirty work.

What was most impressive and what we took away from this demonstration was the quality of food that can easily be produced. Restaurant quality food with minimal effort! If you’re interested in joining for a complimentary demonstration, classes can be viewed on the Miele Experience website. And with the demonstration menus for each class changing from season to season, there’s no excuse not to visit.

Also commencing in August will be a Shannon Bennett inspired MasterClass, where Miele’s Culinary experts will plate up a delicious four-course meal. Tickets are $110 per person for the demonstration and dining experience. Numbers are strictly limited for this class so be sure to book in early. To book in call the Brisbane Miele Experience Centre on 1300 464 353.

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