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  • Caitlin Hogan

Corner Store Cafe, Toowong

Since I live on the west side of Brisbane, this place has become my go to café! A personal favourite of mine, Corner Store Café, offers suburban alfresco dining and one of the best brekky menus there is around Brisbane. Corner Store is constantly making seasonal changes to the menu so there are always new breakfast and lunch options to be tried along with your popular classics like bacon and eggs. Organic and healthy ingredients seem to be popping up on the new menus so if you love your kale, quinoa and green smoothies then this place is perfect for you. And of course, Corner Store Café has their very own vegie patch and herb garden to source fresh produce from.

A wide range of coffee related products are offered, from a regular flat white to cold brew coffee (which involves a 6.5 hour cold drip process). And to produce these delicious beverages they use beans from one of my all time favourite coffee roasters, Cleanskin Coffee. Cleanskin are a boutique coffee roaster based in Brendale, Brisbane. For more info on Cleanskin Coffee head to their website:


Mashed peas, poached eggs and goat’s cheese on sourdough with minted aioli and an added side of grilled haloumi. The flavour combination of mint and peas is a hit at the moment and but I struggled to taste the mint in the aioli and thought maybe they could’ve made the mint flavour in the aioli stronger or alternatively, blended the mint through the mashed peas. Nonetheless, this dish was simply delicious and the serving size was very generous.


Chilli lime Pork enchiladas with guacamole, sour cream and the world’s smallest bottle of Tabasco. And this is the reason why I love brekky at Corner Store! With a menu full of refreshing and new breakfast options it’s always exciting to return time and time again. The enchiladas were packed full of flavour although I thought they could’ve given a little more meat. If you’re a big eater and order this dish I would definitely order a side of sourdough to give it a bit more substance.



During the week you won’t have a problem getting a table but on weekends make sure you arrive early on in the morning because it can be extremely busy. If you’re heading there with a group of five or more simply ring and book a table. Although there’s no parking on the premises there is ample street parking in the area and what’s better, the parking is free! So if you’re after a quick bite to eat or something sweet, Corner Store has a cabinet, which is full of takeaway goodies and are made fresh daily. I always enjoy the friendly customer service and the quality of food at Corner Store Café is always top notch. In case you were wondering their breakfast menu runs from 7am – 11am and lunch 11am – 2.30pm. Head to for any other info on Corner Store Café.

Prices: $$

Foodramblings rating: 8/10

Corner Store Café

113 Sylvan Road (Corner of Quinn and Sylvan Road), Toowong, 4066

Brisbane, Queensland

Open 7 days: 7am – 3pm

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