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  • Caitlin Hogan

Goodness Gracious Café, Graceville

Opening their doors only two weeks ago, Goodness Gracious is the latest café to join the leafy suburb of Graceville. I actually discovered this new cafe driving by on my way to another regular coffee spot after my attention was caught by the homely feeling, clean white wooden exterior. I soon discovered that Goodness Gracious offers ample parking, wheelchair access and is dog friendly with water bowls readily available.

Checking out their menu for the first time, I would go so far as to say that Goodness Gracious is the type of café you would head to for brunch. The menu offers anything from Spiced Waffles to Mushroom Ramen and there’s also a kid’s menu featuring classics like vegemite soldiers!

On my first visit I tried an item from the specials menu, a Brioche Bun with pulled pork, apple puree and pickled red cabbage. The pulled pork was tender and full of flavour but the brioche bun was dry. The size of the meal was on the smaller side, although it did only set me back $12. Lucky for all those big eaters out there, they do offer a meal size upgrade for an additional $6 if you’re feeling a bit more peckish.


Second up, we have the Lamb Kofta Burger with beetroot relish, tzatziki and roasted mushroom on a Brioche bun and a side of hand cut potato chips. Now this is a dish I would return for. The Meat Pattie was juicy and flavoursome, while the beetroot relish and tzatiki added a sweet and sour flair to the burger. And don’t get me started on the hand cut potato chips. They were to die for!


Goodness Gracious work with a variety of Mocopan Coffee beans, including a single origin Ethiopian fair-trade bean. Being a diehard Mocha fan and a stickler for real chocolate mocha’s I had to suss out what they had to offer. Goodness Gracious do use powdered chocolate, though for a powdered chocolate Mocha, I was quite impressed.


Foodramblings Rating: 7/10

Pricing: $$

Goodness Gracious Cafe

250 Oxley Road, Graceville, 4075

Brisbane, Queensland

Wednesday to Sunday 7:00am – 4:00pm (Closed Monday – Tuesday)

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