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The Ultimate Hangover Cure is Here!

Curled up on the couch in the foetal position, feeling sorry for yourself after a big night, not even a Berocca could perk you up. A greasy burger and fries on the other hand would certainly do the trick, but the thought of moving just killed that idea. Then you remember UberEATS exists. You reach for your phone, launch the UberEATS app and scroll through the endless list of eateries that could help to cure that pesky hangover. We’ve all been in this position, including myself recently. With a real hankering for fried chicken I scrolled through UberEATS until my eyes lit up at the sight of Brisbane’s Lucky Egg. In July of this year, Lucky Egg opened their second location in West End (a few s

UberEATS Introduces Picnicking that Requires no Effort

It’s Saturday 11am, my stomach says lunch out and about but the thought of putting on clothes less comfortable than the current active wear I’m lounging in seems unlikely. In an attempt to reach the best of both worlds as well as getting out of the house to escape the weekend lounge guilt, the brilliant idea of UberEATS ordered to the park for what was easily the best decision of my weekend popped into my head. There were only two decisions to make; the first was easy, our location of a picnic rug on the riverbank of Orleigh Park set the scene for the perfect lunch with a view. The second was by far more difficult; which restaurant to order food from. Being spoilt for choice with all the inn


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