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Rest Easy with UberEats

We live in a world of convenience and what a world it is! You can shop at your favourite stores from your desk chair, watch the latest movies in bed and order just about any meal at the touch of a finger - the digital age has certainly treated us well. And UberEats is one of the many things we at Foodramblings thank modern technology for! If you haven’t tried it yet, UberEats is an innovative service that allows you to get meals from thousands of restaurants delivered straight to your door. It couldn’t get much easier - simply open the app, plug in your address, pick a restaurant near you and pick some dishes then watch it come to you. You can even track your driver! If you often deliver to

Work lunches just became UBER exciting!

Getting through the work week can be tough enough without the thought of a soggy sanga waiting in the fridge as your lunchtime thoroughfare. When you’re hard at work or your nearest delicious delectable is more than a leisurely stroll away, would you rather the soggy sanga or a sweaty escape? Why should you have to choose? Last week we decided to skip the fridge trip and the long hot walk and got in touch with our new best friend, UberEATS. For those who haven’t tried it yet, UberEATS delivers your meals straight to your front door, or your desk for the workaholics amongst us. Zero effort, huge reward! Simply open the app, plug in your address, pick your favourite restaurant and choose some


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