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We Celebrate Romain Bapst’s Return From France at Lutèce Bistro's Meet the Maker Dinner Series

Having recently returned from France, Lutèce Bistro’s owner and Head Chef, Romain Bapst, is back in the kitchen producing fine French dishes inspired by those sampled while back in his homeland. Renowned French Chef’s Christophe Bacquiè, Edouard Loubet, Jacques Chibois and Jean-Georges Klein were four key influences for the line-up of dishes served at this dinner series. This year also marks Romain's 45th year as a chef, and just to give you an idea of his experience and French culinary know-how, the menu he devised for this dinner series was created after being given the list of featured Soumah wines. Featured wine makers, Soumah are a smaller winery whose reputation for producing fine Pino

We've Called It! Here Are Our Top Three Coffee Destinations in Brisbane.

Since becoming a food blogger, my daily coffee intake has increased to two cups a day, minimum. I’m no expert in this area but after consuming numerous cups you can begin to appreciate great coffee so I’ve compiled a list of Brisbane’s best. Whether it’s a regular flat white, macchiato, piccolo or cappuccino, these three cafes know coffee and they know it well. 1. Coffee Anthology, Brisbane CBD Starting off with an all time favourite, Coffee Anthology. After discovering this cafe late last year, I’ve become obsessed with their coffee – I used to sprint all the way down to Margaret Street from the opposite corner of the CBD just to get my morning coffee. On the counter you’ll find a variety o

Oh, Darling! We check out Paddington's Darling & Co

In recent months you would’ve driven down Paddington’s Given Terrace and seen the new, pristine signage replacing what used to be Ice Works. What was once a watering hole for sporting fanatics is now Darling & Co, an eating-house and bar fitted out with a modern timber and marble interior, hanging greenery and plush cushions that give off tropical vibes. The menu offers refined eats and beautifully exotic cocktails, like ’10 Days in Tahiti’ – we’ll get around to that delightful experience later. To give you an idea of the calibre of food here at Darling & Co, we’ll introduce you to the Executive Chef. At only 30 years of age, Executive Chef Giuliano Melluso takes full control in the Darling


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