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Wrapture, West End

From salt lamps to Buddhist prayer flags, Café Wrapture is one of the last remaining cafes that defines the original West End culture. Wrapture serves up the tastiest homemade pita wraps, which are jam-packed, full of gourmet ingredients. The wraps are deliciously fresh and doughy unlike the dry store bought wraps you come across. Wrapture’s menu caters for vego’s, gluten intolerants and vegans (gluten free pita wraps available for an extra $1). There are some classic and not so classic flavour combinations like falafel and tahini, satay and tofu and grilled haloumi and pineapple. But nonetheless once you get a glance at the menu, your mouth will be watering. There’s also a separate breakfas

Anouk Cafe, Paddington

Nestled in amongst the boutique hub of Paddington on Given Terrace, Anouk Cafe is only a stone's throw away from Brissy's CBD and is a popular foodie spot. Their extensive breakfast menu offers unique combinations of ingredients that you wouldn't come across at other cafes and runs all day with a few lunch selections thrown in. Their sweets cabinet is filled with an abudance of baked goodies, all made on the premises of course. Merlo coffee beans are used at Anouk but if you're not a coffee fiend, their muddled fruit and fizz drinks are a light and refreshing alternative that you MUST TRY! (I'm a huge fan of the lemon, lime and sparkling apple!!!!) With so many eateries to choose from in Pa


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